R. Bruce Banner
1. the quality or state of being double or twofold

2.archaic: doubleness.

Under Control | starkcisist

Geneva, Switzerland 22:00 CEST

            Not even half an hour had gone by and Bruce was already anxious to leave. Cocktail hour had seen him shake hands with the great scientists of Europe and awkwardly maneuver around those that were entirely charming women. But after the initial greetings and conversations, he was left with nothing in his hands, standing awkwardly in the center of the room. A woman had approached him then, chatting him up on small talk with a smile that made him feel at ease. The jeweled pins that held her auburn hair in place caught his eye and that became the subject of conversation until she’d leaned in conspiratorially and asked him about his alter ego’s size.

            This made him blush and swallow thickly, staring at her with a shocked expression. He gathered himself with a deep breath and gave her a smile like she’d never said anything, patting her arm and making a bee line for the bar.

            "Scotch whiskey, top shelf, make it fast — make it a double," he said in unison with another, equally desperate, voice. He turned his head in bewilderment to find the one person he was sure he wouldn’t run into halfway across the world. "Toni?" In retrospect, he could have sounded a little less incredulous and shocked, but couldn’t help his wide-eyed stare that accompanied the question.

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Thasos Island, MacedoniaGreece



Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks


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I’m going to go to bed now and probably not be back until next Monday. Sorry loves, got a busy week ahead. Tonight was fun though. Let’s do it again.

Part of Your World | starkred



                 By now, he should have been used to it, except that it had only happened two times before, with this being the third time. Whatever, he was adaptable. Luckily, his schedule was clear for the day, no one to see and no places to go. Today, it was just him and his lab.

                After the first time this had happened to him, he’d prepared better, buying some simple, business casual dresses, flats, and the appropriate undergarments. These were all conveniently tucked away in his closet in garment bags with shoes underneath them, such that all he had to do was pick up a bag and shoes and not worry too much over the details. His morning was mostly the same as it had always been and after breakfast, he’d hoped to go down to his lab when a knock at the door froze him in place.

               To answer the door would be to open the door to a myriad of questions he didn’t know that he could explain, but to leave a guest standing there was rude. A deep breath and he decided to go with the first option, striding across the wooden floors with the grace of a confident woman, even though his stomach was in knots.


A new teashop has opened up. It wouldn’t actually catch Tony’s attention, but this one was special - it was one of these cat tea houses.

He’d visited them before when he was in Japan, spending the most time out of the boardroom between purring creatures and drinking starbucks. He should have been thrown out for that, but you paid in time not beverages.

The only thought he’d had when he’s heard of it was that Bruce would like it there. The japanese ones had been very zen, not that he’d cared.

Mostly it sounded like fun. Which was basically the only reasoning behind him knocking on Bruce’s door and waiting if he’s opening up.

When instead a woman opens the door he’s confused for a split second. This is not that Ross’ girl. Bruce has no sister. Which means this is probably a date - or had been from the day before although he hadn’t thought Bruce would take a one-night stand home. Or at all.

"Good morning, beautiful. Sorry to disturb, is Bruce around?"

His smile is practiced, the same one on nearly every magazine cover. He’s not gonna scare her away, or be rude. Not yet, at least. If he finds out she’s either dumb or has ulterior motives that might change though. Bruce doesn’t need women like that.

                          Tony. Stark. Was. Staring. At. Him.

                 Granted, the engineer’s eyes weren’t fixated on his now buxom chest and he wasn’t necessarily expressing intentions to get inside of his now feminine panties. “U-Uh…” His composure snapped into place and he simply smiled as best as he could in the moment, letting all of his charm show. I am Bruce. I am Bruce and this magic thing hit me. I’m Bruce, Tony. HEY TIN MAN I’M BRUCE.

                          But the words didn’t come out and he simply stood there like an idiot with his mouth open. A blink of his eyes and he re-formulated his game plan, covering up his blunders with a show of his pearly whites. “Mr. Stark. Dr. Banner is currently away on a series of, um, very… Time-consuming errands and may not be back for a while. Can I help you with anything?” Best to use his charm to deflect Tony as best as he could while he figured it out. So far, so good, considering Tony had used his own charm on the now-female scientist.




"Very unholy. You might even wanna pray or something after."


                   "Easy, tiger."


"Who says we were going easy?"


                 "You haven’t told me what we’re doing yet, how am I supposed to know if I want you to go easy or not?"